Welcome: Part 2

Many of you know that I am going to Graduate School to study the impact of artificial management, particularly PZP, on the Pryor mustangs.

I am interested in determining the long term impacts of PZP on the horses as individuals and as a herd. I’m looking at influences on genetic diversity, behaviour and welfare. My goal is to assess these factors in a scientific manner so that we can most humanely and effectively protect and manage the herd. As the horses are social mammals, I believe impacts on behaviour are particularly important to identify and address.

The research has wider applications to several populations of social mammals, such as wolves, elk and deer.


Hi everyone!

I created this sister blog as a dedicated webpage to discuss the Pryor Mountain Mustangs, their preservation, and my studies on these special horses.

Please feel free to post comments-I love discussing the horses!

I chose the name not only to reference the Pryor Herd, but also as a nod to my interest in the history of these horses (“Pryor/prior” Hoofprints) ­čÖé