Introducing Rue!!



This morning our group had the great joy and privilege of discovering the most recent Pryor foal. Sometime on July 16th, Jacinta gave birth to a sturdy foal. Baby is already showing dun factor stripes, and has a big blaze, just like mum!

Family photo!

At the beginning of the summer I had mentioned to Sandy that I would like to name a Jacinta foal “Rue.” We both adored the name, and have often questioned throughout our trips just exactly when little Rue would finally introduce him or herself! I picked the name to tie in with the plant theme of Jacinta (a flower), and her dam Rosebud. I am so thrilled to finally have the opportunity to discover and name a Pryor foal!!

I can’t get over how cute he is!!

It’s hard to put into words just how excited Sandy and I were this morning. As we hadn’t seen Garay’s band the previous day, we had our suspicions that Jacinta may have foaled. But I have to admit it didn’t seem likely that we would find a new baby with so few born this year.

Still working out those new legs!


As though Jacinta had planned to show off little Rue, Garay’s band made their way towards our campsite where we had just finished eating breakfast in the company of Gringo and Tecumseh’s family. Jacinta absolutely dotes on the new foal, and is a very protective mother (no surprise there, here is a recap of full-sibling Patriot’s dramatic birth day). She is a diligent mother, and both mum and baby look fantastic!

Jacinta is a doting mother!

We believe that Rue is a colt, though of course we were at quite a distance and unable to confirm. I cannot wait to watch Rue grow and develop in his beautiful mountain home.


Bath time!

Welcome to the world little Rue!! ❤