As anyone who has been to Graduate School can attest, the Grad life is a busy one! I’d love to be able to post a weekly blog post, but to keep these posts more on the manageable side I thought I’d throw in some short horse profiles. I know lots of people have done profiles on the horses, so I will likely focus on my own experiences with these individual horses.

Of course, even just choosing one horse to focus on is tough! I picked Demure to start, because I’ve always found myself drawn to her. Not to mention, she seems to love to pose for me!

Demure 2015

Demure was one of the first horses I “met” on my initial trip up the mountain. I was thrilled-and took tons of photos of her-wondering if I would get another chance to photograph her. As it turns out, that wasn’t a problem! But no harm done-I love those early photos.

Demure may not be “flashy,” but I think she is a stunning mare.

Demure’s has been in Horizon’s band since Spring 2015. This year I noticed her showing preference towards satellite stallion Fiesta, much to Horizon’s chagrin!¬†Demure seems to really like Fiesta, and I found myself hoping the two of them could pair off. However, Fiesta did not appear interested in creating a disruption in the group.

Demure, with Fiesta in the background

Demure only has one living offspring on the mountain. Though he started off on the small side, Mandan is growing into an impressive colt, and I have high hopes¬†for him as Demure, and Santa Fe’s, only wild offspring.