Like Mother, Like Daughter

Of all of Doc’s reluctant ladies, it seems Brumby, Jasmine and Aztec are the most independent. This will come as no surprise to fans of Brumby; she even walked away from long-time mate Jackson on several occasions. While in the Pryors this year I often observed Brumby off, doing her own thing but keeping an eye on the band at the same time. I like to jokingly refer to Doc’s band as Brumby’s band….I think she would appreciate that. In fact, one morning Sandy and I woke up to find Doc’s band was missing Brumby, Aztec, Heritage and Firestorm. We thought the mares must have stayed with Firestorm to foal, but as Quietstorm was not born for a couple more weeks, we can only guess at why, and how, the group of four mares had managed to separate from the larger band. By the time we saw the band again, it was fully intact.

Jasmine cr
Jasmine (Cloud x Aztec)
Aztec cr 2

Mother and daughter pair Aztec and Jasmine are also in the habit of walking away from their stallion. When Jasmine left her natal band to join Jackson, Aztec would often visit her daughter. Jasmine never seemed 100% settled with Jackson’s band as her band of choice, and it wasn’t unusual to hear that she wasn’t spotted with the band, even after it seemed that she had permanently moved on from her birth harem.  It seems like the two girls haven’t quite kicked the habit, even with Doc’s more domineering personality.

Jasmine visits Mescalero
Jasmine wanders over to band stallion Mescalero. Rosarita looks on in amazement. Interestingly, Jasmine was not currently in estrus.
Jasmine sass
Jasmine reminds Mescalero that is she a strong, independent woman…

Aztec and Jasmine have been frequently sighted with Cappuccino’s band, and last year I did see Aztec with the dun stallion. However, though reports have indicated that the mares are still wavering between the two bands, in the 3 week time span I was in the Pryors this year I only ever saw Aztec and Jasmine with Doc. This wasn’t for lack of trying on the mares’ part.

Aztec and Jasmine make a bid for freedom. Cappuccino’s band is just out of sight.
Doc cr 2
Doc suddenly notices two of his mares are leaving him

In one instance, while Doc was busy getting rejected by Galena, Aztec and Jasmine grazed steadily closer to Cappuccino’s band. Once they were close enough they started actively walking over to the other horses. They would have made it all the way but Jasmine suddenly gave a soft whinny to her “other” family and the cat was let out of the bag. A very stressed Doc burst out of the cover he was standing in and raced after the mother/daughter pair. The girls made a run for it but Cappuccino wasn’t interested in getting involved in the domestic dispute so Doc managed to swing them around and chase them back over to the rest of his band.

IMG_8933 cr

Jasmine and Aztec
The girls head back to the band
Doc charge
Doc chases after them

Unfortunately, at this point Doc was rather irritated and raging with testosterone, so he roughly gathered his mares and began pushing them around. It isn’t hard to see that Doc can get easily stressed with his large group of mares, nor is it tough to imagine why they resent his style of leadership. It will be interesting to see how Doc’s saga plays out.

8 thoughts on “Like Mother, Like Daughter

  1. Doc’s turn is so unexpected. I have a feeling it’s good he already has some representation on the mountain. I’m sure he’ll sire more but maybe not as many as a gentler stallion?

    It will be interesting to see if Aztec and her daughter can find a new band.

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    1. It did seem to come out of the blue! I think Doc will sire more offspring, I just don’t think he or his mares will ever be truly content until he relaxes a bit. I am glad to see more Doc foals, but I do wish his mares were happy with him!

      What is interesting is that Aztec and Jasmine don’t stay with Cappuccino’s band when they do manage to leave Doc. I don’t know if they don’t feel 100% welcome, if Doc comes back for them, or if they miss the rest of their former band. It’s all so fascinating!

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  2. I was up on the mountain in June. (which I already said earlier) I got to see Cappuccino and his band. Aztec was with them but there was no Jasmine. Aztec seemed really happy though. She was grooming with the other mares and seeming to enjoy herself. Last year I saw her on Cappuccinos band too.

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    1. Although I forgot to add this part in. Before I left, Cappuccino made a run for a mare in Doc’s band. I think it may have been Jasmine. As a result, Doc went in and stole Aztec back. Cappuccino tried to get her, but got chased away by Doc.

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      1. That is really interesting, thank you for sharing Liz! 🙂 Did Aztec seem reluctant to go back with Doc? It would be nice if Aztec and Jasmine would settle in with Cappuccino’s band, it sounds like Aztec is happy there.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. It was hard to tell since I was far away, but it looked like Aztec was whinnying at Cappuccino and his band. Although I am not perfectly sure. Glad I was of some help though!


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