Oh, Doc….

Doc full cr

Doc’s an interesting fella. For most of his tenure as a band stallion he’s been something of an underdog, a quiet stallion content to be one of the less dominant studs on the mountain. This all changed a couple years ago when Doc came roaring out of the background—scattering Cloud’s band and then claiming Jackson’s a little while later. While many people, myself included, were saddened to hear of Jackson losing his family, it was good to see Doc with mares again.

Aztec cr
Doc moves his band around seemingly constantly

Unbelievably, Doc is the only offspring of Winnemucca left on the range, and his sire, Littlefoot, has only one other offspring. You may have heard of Winnemucca-she’s only the oldest horse on the range at 29 years old, and likely the oldest horse that the Pryors have ever seen. The sad thing is it’s not as though Winnemucca didn’t have several foals. Unfortunately, all bar Doc were removed. So the idea of some more little Docs running around on the range was very exciting indeed. Until last year, London was Doc’s only living offspring.

London cr
London, Doc and Gold Rush’s son

But with the change in Doc’s situation came a change in the stallion’s personality. I have often wondered if the pressure of having such a large group of mares was partially responsible for Doc’s change in attitude, but it should be noted that Littlefoot had a reputation as a somewhat aggressive stallion, so perhaps Doc’s inner Littlefoot has just come out.

Brumby cr

Now, Doc is a gorgeous stallion. He is also important genetically. But he’s kind of tough to love at the moment. He really has a good thing going, a band of highly bonded mares, a few of them not currently vaccinated with PZP, and a very smart lead mare (Brumby). Unfortunately though, none of his mares seem to like him. This group of girls was certainly loyal to Jackson, and it would make sense that they would be slow to warm up to a new stallion, especially when the change was fairly sudden. Doc is a very different stallion to Jackson, rough and tense where Jackson was always reported as collected and affectionate with his family. But it’s a couple years later and the band still isn’t comfortable with him.

Doc cr
A Facebook friend pointed out that Doc would do well to offer this flower to one of his ladies, I happen to agree!

Galena was the only one of Jackson’s mares to show affection to Doc initially. However, it seems that she is now less comfortable around him and very nervous of his attempts to breed her. His aggressive approach is very intimidating to his mares. On several accounts I witnessed other members of the band, including 2 year old Okomi, stepping in to prevent Doc breeding with one of the mares when he got too aggressive. Heritage developed her own unique approach to the problem, refusing to stand and spinning in circles whenever Doc approached her.

Galena cr
Docs rejection cr
Doc isn’t quite sure where he went wrong….
Heritage cr
Jasmine stands up for Heritage
Jasmine steps in to give an unhappy Heritage a reprieve from Doc’s advances

I really wish Doc would lighten up a little with his band. They are such a tight knit group that none of them really want to leave their family. Aztec and her daughter Jasmine do seem to like Cappuccino’s band (more on that later), but somehow find themselves back with Doc’s most of the time. While I was on the mountain, which was over a 3 week period, they were with Doc the whole time. I can only think that they come back to be with their friends.

Aztec cr 2
Jasmine cr

Obviously I am still thrilled that Doc has the opportunity for more offspring on the mountain, and it is important that these offspring remain. Petra is a spitfire, independent filly, and his new filly Quietstorm (who I have yet to meet) is just gorgeous. But more importantly, they represent strong genetics that are on the brink of extinction. Here’s hoping these two new Doc daughters have the opportunity for a long, successful life on the range.

Firestorm cr
Firestorm delivered a Doc foal a couple weeks after this photograph was taken.
Petra sass cr
Petra sassing her sire.

5 thoughts on “Oh, Doc….

    1. I think being stressed out with a large band is definitely part of it! It just seems bizarre that after 2 years he still hasn’t “twigged” how to interact with his mares, for the good of everyone involved!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, maybe Aztec and Jasmine wanting to leave is stressing him out. To stop them from wanting to leave though he has to calm down. So maybe it is just a never ending circle.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, it very well could be a vicious cycle that they are stuck in at the moment! If the girls really want to go, he should really let them. But of course letting them go would be admitting defeat! You can see his dilemma….


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